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    The Rightsizing ExperienceDownsizing has become an all too familiar part of contemporary American business. Even with the best intentions in mind, downsizing is a tormenting experience for all involved. However, a compassionate management team committed to careful planning and proper communications can all result in a downsizing experience which achieves its goals with a humane, dignified and ethical approach. We have 2 copies of this video

    Family Support ProgramsA changing demographic portrait characterized by the graying of America, an echo baby boom and the increased labor force participation of women have posed a challenge to business. Demographic and attitudinal shifts have caused many organizations to realize that meeting employee needs today requires support programs to assist employees in balancing both their work and family life.

    Developing Leaders, Not Just ManagersAre managers and leaders one in the same? Is every manager a leader? Is every leader in your organization a manager? Can you really afford to develop only competent managers rather than exceptional leaders? This video focuses on the importance of sound management practices with an understanding of leadership principles and skills necessary for developing leader/managers well equipped for leading their organizations into the 21st century.

    Corporate WellnessWellness is sweeping across companies from coast to coast. Health promotion is now regarded as having relevance to health care costs and the company benefits package. Human resource managers, as well as all other managers within an organization have a vested interest in a wellness workplace. Careful planning, clear objectives, programs based on sound medical research and enthusiastic management support cannot only help control the rise of medical co0st, but provide humanitarian benefits as well.

    Managing Workforce DiversityDemographics make it clear to anyone responsible for the human side of an organization, that managing diversity effectively is the business imperative of the decade.

    The American Workforce is changing and you need to be ready. Ethnic background, race, gender, age, lifestyle and values will create challenges and opportunities which much be confronted by organizations. Organizations today must be flexible enough to accommodate the full spectrum of people to remain competitive.

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